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24/7 Service Center

Among others, our 24/7 superior customer services include Reservation and Ticketing service around the clock, customer service including Speedy reporting on related travel services, including:

  • Customized solutions to each client’s travel requirements
  • Multiple options and flexibility at every level of our clients’ itineraries
  • Customer feedback – email, social media and face-to-face
  • Availability of attractive special offers and packages
  • Identification of cancelled flights and prompt rebooking

Through continuous investment in travel technology, we have developed our own B2B portal ( which is currently for the flight booking and ticketing purposes, giving our customers the opportunity to book, markup and organize their air ticketing and itinerary-related services. This in-house developed state of the art portal provides complete ERP solution to the customers from booking, ticketing till payment.

Besides the air ticket booking, we shall also soon include Hotels, Tour packages, Transportation, Car rentals. Through Portal booking, our customers will have access to ticketing to more than 700+ airlines, including around 120 low-cost carriers, around the world, securing the best possible and very competitive fares. We are closely allied with major airlines that operate to and from Pakistan and the Middle East as well as the rest of the world and we continually negotiate to secure additional and the best possible rates for our clients travelling locally or internationally

Six Sigma Travels intend to serve B2B clients through its in-house developed B2B platform which will be used by more than 2000+ travel sub-agencies in Pakistan. Moreover, through our in-house developed B2C portal, which will have functions as an Online Travel Agency (OTA), our customers all around the world will be able to make bookings from the comfort of their home or any other places/locations by only having access to the internet and start benefiting from Six Sigma Travel competitive rates.

Since we consider our Customers as the core essence of our company, we are also developing our B2C portal/website, through which customers will be able to search for various tour packages to various destinations worldwide, information on Visa requirements, flight tickets, sport events and enroll in our outstanding loyalty program. The Loyalty Program is a points/rewards program card from which our customers will be benefited when they purchase any services from us and/or from our affiliated partners. Through our Loyalty Program customers can collect and share points by buying products from sellers within the network, which includes Travel agencies, Restaurants etc. When customers have collected enough points customers can redeem them in the forms of discounts and promotions for next purchases.

Six Sigma Travel has more than 100 skilled and well-trained multilingual staff team to ensure the provision of the best possible customer service and consultancy to its clients. They are thoroughly trained in our innovative technology and systems which are superior to what are available to the majority of travel agencies so as to service our clients in the best way possible. For further improvement of our services, if necessary, we have access to our large network of partners/associates, contacts and suppliers around the world. (Partners to be added)